Making it clear: A fresh look at the global problem of ocean acidification for those people who want to know a little more

In this guide we do four new things. We answer some key questions many people are now asking about ocean acidification. We say how sure the international scientific community is about what is already happening to the ocean, we discuss what the future may hold for the ocean in a high carbon dioxide (CO2) world, and we explore the consequences for all of us of what is now happening.

Questions Answered follows on from the highly successful multilingual guide called Ocean Acidification: The Facts, which was launched in winter 2009 at the UN climate change conference at Copenhagen. Questions Answered is inevitably more technical in nature than The Facts as it begins to help champion the science and reasoning behind frequently asked questions.

By getting to the point and improving understanding around these critical issues, we hope that many more people will not only be better informed about ocean acidification, but will also act with greater consensus, greater ambition and greater urgency to tackle one of the most significant environmental issues faced by present and future generations.

The guide is available in 4 languages on the EPOCA web site.

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