A geochemical background on climate change and ocean acidification (video)

Presentation taken from 2010 seminar on ways to solve coastal development challenges and poverty reduction.

Climate change has a large impact on oceans and livelihoods for poor people. It increases the risk of disasters, storms, rising sea levels and CO2 emissions cause acidification of the oceans.

Oceans provide livelihoods for hundreds of millions of poor people, who depend on eco-services that oceans provide. Marine and coastal social-ecological systems are experiencing increasing and interacting pressures from human actions in an increasingly interconnected global society.

In a seminar organised by the Swedish international development cooperation agency (Sida) and Stockholm Resilience Centre, some of the world’s authorities on oceans, coastal areas and climate change gathered to discuss what needs to be done to curb climate change impacts on oceans and depending livelihoods.

In this video, centre researcher Kevin Noone provided a geochemical background on climate change and ocean acidification.

Sturle Hauge Simonsen, Stockholm Resilience Centre, 16 October 2010. Article and video.

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