Catlin Arctic Survey 2011 announcement of opportunity : UK

The Catlin Arctic Surveys undertake research into the changing Arctic environment, especially sea-ice and its relation to ocean/atmospheric systems. They offer unique services of logistics, infrastructure and expertise (particularly the extreme Winter/Spring environment) with potential for explorer scientist collaborations, to advance scientific understanding of this region. They also facilitate development of inter-disciplinary collaborations within the international scientific community. The communication of the Surveys to the wider public, including the environmental imperatives underpinning them, forms an integral part of the project plan.

So far, two Surveys have been undertaken. Further information about the 2010 Survey, which predominantly investigated ocean acidification (with supporting sea ice dynamics research), can be found within the pages of this website.

The 2009 Survey concentrated on sea ice thickness and understanding how long this important surface feature of our planet would still exist in the summers. More information can be found on the dedicated website.

We are inviting proposals for 2011 to research the ATLANTIC MERIDIONAL OVERTURNING (THERMOHALINE) CIRCULATION , implicated in regulation of European climate, US coastal sea-levels etc. Focusing on the role of sea-ice in the freshening / warming Arctic Ocean, proposals may include for example:

* Geophysics – water column profiling, satellite ground-truthing, GIS
* Biogeochemical signatures – trace elements / isotopes, ocean / atmosphere gas fluxes, methane hydrate release, ocean microbiology
* Research complementary to our ongoing surveys into ocean acidification (2010), and sea-ice thickness (2009, 2010)
* Other research areas will be considered

Catlin Arctic Survey 2011 will comprise an Ice Base in the Canadian High Arctic enabling scientists to undertake Winter/Spring fieldwork. Additionally, an Explorer Team will cross the Arctic Ocean basin sea-ice making ocean/sea-ice observations.

The Catlin Arctic Survey 2011 invites investigators from any organization/country to submit proposals.

Applications will only be accepted via the official form below. To download, just double click on the word icon and remember to ‘save as’ before you start to fill in.

Completed forms should be emailed to tim(at) no later than 5pm on Thursday 12th August 2010.

Expression of Interest will be put to a scientific panel for short-listing.

Those invited to the next stage will be informed by 26th August 2010

Full research proposals will be required by 23rd September 2010,

Full research proposals will be put to a scientific panel for peer review. Further guidance on this process will be issued at a later stage.

Specialist Arctic training for all successful applicants is likely to take place two weeks prior to deployment to the Ice Base.

The Ice Base Survey gets underway in March 2011.

2 August 2010. Web site.

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