Map-based overview of ongoing and past research projects on ocean acidification

The SOLAS-IMBER Ocean Acidification working group ( is developing a web-based, interactive database of ocean acidification research. The goal of the project is to provide a map-based overview of ongoing and past research projects on ocean acidification, with web links for research groups to promote information and coordination of activities. Jim Barry (MBARI) is working with Mathew Russell, an MBARI intern, to develop the database using Google Earth / Google Maps to display locations and types of studies for ongoing and published research programs on ocean acidification. Locations will also have web links to publications or researchers. Barry and Russell are compiling some information for the database, but will also provide a web-based entry system allowing researchers to enter information concerning their OA research. The release of the web site is planned for mid to late summer, 2010.

Prior to release of the web site, researchers can contribute OA locations for inclusion in the site and suggestions for web site features to Jim Barry ( Please provide the following information:

– project title
– latitude
– longitude (decimal degrees)
– depth (m)
– investigator
– research focus (e.g. physiology, chemical oceanography, growth rates, calcification)
– taxon (taxa)
– start date
– end date
– web link

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