Ocean acidification task force

Statement of Work for the Ocean Acidification Task Force of the Ocean Research and Resources Advisory Panel

A. Official Designation

This Task Force will be designated as the Ocean Research and Resources Advisory Panel (ORRAP) Ocean Acidification Task Force (hereinafter referred to as the OATF).

B. Objectives and Scope of Activity

The OATF is convened by the ORRAP to facilitate a means for experts on the topic of ocean acidification to provide their input, views and expertise to ORRAP on issues relating to interagency federal ocean acidification activities.

The OATF shall provide preliminary advice and recommendations to the ORRAP on principles and issues relating to ocean acidification. It is intended that the advice and recommendations will be approved and delivered by the ORRAP to the federal government by way of the Interagency Working Group on Ocean Acidification (IWGOA) of the Joint Subcommittee on Ocean Science and Technology (JSOST).

Working with other allied groups and individuals, the OATF will work to enhance the coordination and implementation of ocean acidification efforts among academic, state, private, federal and other stakeholders.

C. Membership

Membership of the OATF shall be comprised of non-federal individuals that have expertise and/or experience in the field of ocean acidification. Membership shall not exceed the number of ORRAP members at any time. Service on the OATF is voluntary.

D. Workload

In accomplishing its work, it is expected that the OATF will meet in person twice, and no more than three times, over the course of its existence and will communicate between meetings via conference calls and emails. The objectives of the first meeting will include scoping and assignment of work. The objective of the final meeting will be to reach consensus on a final product for delivery to ORRAP. The ORRAP staff will assist the OATF in accomplishing its work.

E. Period of Existence

The OATF will be impaneled effective March 15, 2010, and will terminate effective March 31, 2011, with the option for an extension, if needed, to complete its work.

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