Course: Experimental design & data analysis for marine biologists


4th – 13th August 2010

Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences – Tjärnö

Göteborg University, Strömstad, Sweden

Professor Gerry Quinn Deakin University, Australia
Professor Ralph Mac Nally Monash University, Australia
Professor Jon Havenhand University of Gothenburg

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This graduate level course provides participants with advanced skills and hands-on training in the design of sampling programs and experiments in marine systems, and subsequent statistical and graphical analysis of results. The course will cover principles and practice in sampling design, estimation and hypothesis testing methods, analysis of linear generalised models (including regression models), simple and complex ANOVA models, multivariate techniques (including Principal Components Analysis, Multi-Dimensional Scaling, and Analysis of Similarity) and Bayesian Analysis.

The course will comprise both lectures and practical/workshop sessions, giving participants the opportunity to apply the principles learned to marine datasets using commonly available statistical software. The course will also include time to address experimental design and analysis issues particular to the participants.

BACKGROUND READING: The course will be based around the critically acclaimed text, Quinn & Keough, 2002, Experimental Design and Data Analysis for Biologists, (CUP, Cambridge). Participants should also have a working familiarity with Sokal & Rohlf, 1995, Biometry, (WH Freeman, NY). Familiarity with the “R” programming environment will be advantageous.

COSTS: Costs of accommodation and tuition are covered by a grant from the University of Gothenburg. Costs of meals (approx 170 SEK per day) must be covered by the participants.

Applications comprising no more than one side of A4 paper, including a short Curriculum vitae, a brief outline of the relevance of this course to your research, and an indication of the duration of PhD candidature remaining (fraction of 4 years), should be sent by e-mail to Remember to include your departmental address and phone number.

Applications should be sent on or before 28th June 2010

Applicants will be notified about their acceptance to the course by 5th July 2010

Questions can be addressed to the course coordinator, Jon. Havenhand

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