Arctic explorers take first-ever water samples at north pole

Catlin Arctic survey drills ‘hole in the pole’ to collect water samples that will be used to measure ocean acidification

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Arctic explorers have taken the first-ever samples of ocean water at the north pole after a gruelling two-and–a-half month expedition across the polar ice.

Headed by former bank manager Ann Daniels, the Catlin Arctic survey team achieved what last year’s expedition – led by polar explorer Pen Hadow – failed to do: reach the north pole and take water samples to measure the impact of a changing climate.

Pen Hadow, the survey’s director and last year’s expedition leader, said: “It’s not possible to imagine what this team has had to do to pull off this extreme survey. I consider them to be the world’s toughest to have done this.”

Adam Vaughan, BBNEWS, 13 May 2010. Full article.

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