2010 EPOCA Svalbard experiment

The EU project EPOCA (European Project on OCean Acidification) was launched in June 2008 to investigate ocean acidification and its consequences on marine organisms and ecosystems. The EPOCA consortium brings together more than 100 researchers from 27 institutes and 9 European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Iceland, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom).

The Arctic Ocean is one of the key study sites of EPOCA. The 2009 Svalbard experiment looked at the impact of on ocean acidification benthic organisms.

In May-July 2010, a team of EPOCA scientists from around Europe will travel to the Ny-Ålesund, Spitsbergen, to investigate the response of pelagic organisms to ocean acidification. They will use, with scientists from other projects, an experimental platform provided independently from EPOCA by IFM-GEOMAR, a marine research institute based in Kiel, Germany.

On the 2010 Svalbard blog you can:

– Learn more about the science behind the EPOCA 2010 Arctic campaign

– Locate where the experiments will take place and where the research institutes are

– Learn more about the participants of the 2009 campaign

– Ask the team a question

– Browse the stories in English, French, German, Dutch and Danish

EPOCA Project Office, Blog.

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