EPOCA further expands its activities beyond ocean acidification research

Villefranche-sur-mer, France- EPOCA further diversifies its activities and purchases the Brussels-based company EPOCA Products Sprl.

EPOCA has proven an immensely successful research project but, like other research projects, desperately requires additional sources of income to sustain its activities in the field of ocean acidification. In April 2009, EPOCA made its first move by getting involved in the fashion industry. Today, EPOCA announced that it purchased the Brussels-based company EPOCA Products Sprl which specialises in plastic packagings in the form of film or bags, printed or not printed, on the basis of all support mono-product or co-extrudated and laminated complex. In an exclusive telephone interview, the EPOCA Project Office revealed that it “will consult with the Scientific Steering Committee, advised by the International Scientific Advisory Panel, to further expand its portfolio of activities. The goal is to become financially autonomous as early as 2012, when the national and European funding of EPOCA will come to an end”.

Profits generated with last year and this year diversification will be paid in cash to the participants of the annual EPOCA meeting in Bremerhaven (Germany) from 27 September to 1st October 2010. In an innovative move, the distribution will be proportional to the number of peer-reviewed papers published by each partner institution.

Source: EPOCA Project Office, 1st April 2010.

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