Tide of acid-ocean fear rolls over oyster industry

As the Bluff oyster industry watches hopeful signs of recovery, oyster fishers in the US are witnessing cause for concern, Craig Welch, of The Seattle Times, reports.

The collapse began rather unspectacularly.

Scientists seeking to explain what’s plaguing these coastal oysters say the link to more corrosive water is strong but anecdotal.

It could be just one of several factors.

But the possibility leaves some shellfish farmers uneasy about more than just their future business.

Indications that ocean acidification may already play a role in the decline of oysters are a “sign of things being out of balance, and that scares the living daylights out of me,” said third-generation oysterman Brian Sheldon.

Ruffling his 8-year-old son Jebediah’s head, he added, “For this guy.”

MCT, Otago Daily Times, 6 March 2010. Full article.

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