Simulating the effects of ocean acidification

One of the Instrument Systems team’s more complex projects recently was to help create an experimental system which accurately acidifies and measures the pH of seawater in simulated Antarctic conditions. NIWA scientists can now research how ocean acidification is likely to affect Antarctic shellfish.

The concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is increasing; as a result our oceans are becoming more acidic as more CO2 dissolves in seawater. Marine animals with calcareous shells are one group likely to be affected, and this research aims to find out exactly what the effects will be.

With help from the University of Otago, NIWA staff from Greta Point and Mahanga Bay (Wellington), and Instrument Systems, collaborated to create an experimental system to accurately acidify and measure the pH of seawater flowing through aquaria containing Antarctic shellfish.

Taihoro Nukurangi National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research. Full article.

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