Monaco Ocean Acidification internship

The Radioecology Laboratory is one of three Sections in the IAEA Marine Environment Laboratories (MEL) in Monaco. The role of the Radioecology Laboratory is to improve knowledge of the marine processes which determine the behaviour and fate of radionuclides and other contaminants in the marine environment, with a particular emphasis on the marine biosphere. Its activities lie in the field of marine radioecology and its applications to ecotoxicology, biogeochemistry and climate change impacts. Its project work aims to assist and enhance capability in Member States (in particular developing countries) in using nuclear and isotopic techniques to understand and assess marine contaminant transfer and environmental processes.

One of the project activities of the Radioecology Laboratory (REL) is concerned with experimental investigations of the effects of future acidified ocean conditions on the both growth and viability of seafoods, as well as the effects of ocean acidification on the accumulation of other contaminants in marine organisms. Radiotracer techniques are particularly useful for these investigations and REL seeks to further develop its understanding of these effects in a greater range of marine biota of relevance to the fisheries and aquaculture industries and the conservation of marine biodiversity.

Internship assignment

The intern will contribute to this programme of investigation on impacts of ocean acidification, with the
following duties, under supervisions;

-Train in the use of radiotracers under controlled laboratory conditions.
-Conduct ocean acidification experiments on marine organisms to assess effects on growth, viability and
calcification rates.
-Conduct ocean acidification experiments on marine organisms to assess effects on rates of accumulation
of elemental and organic contaminants in marine biota that are important as seafoods.
Education and Experience*
-Tertiary qualifications in marine biology, aquaculture and/or aquatic chemistry.
-Experience in marine laboratories.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
-Knowledge in aquaculture, marine biology and experimental techniques.
-Fluency in both written and spoken English essential. Knowledge of French is desirable.
When applying for the internship, please indicate “Monaco Ocean Acidification internship” in the subject

Please refer to the IAEA internship main page for eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Organisational Unit:
Radioecology Laboratory
IAEA Marine Environment Laboratories (IAEA-MEL), Monaco
Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications

Duty station: Monaco
Internship period: 6 months, starting early 2010
Deadline for Applications: 31 December 2009

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