Ocean Acidification: new posters & Spitzbergen School Sustainability contest

The European Project on Ocean Acidification (EPOCA) and CarboSchools are happy to announce a new education page at www.epoca-project.eu/index.php/education.html, including
suggestions for introducing Ocean Acidification in the classroom and following EPOCA’s experiments in the Arctic in June 2010
a package for acquaria and science museums, including posters, movies & interactive virtual lab
an invitation for scientists to get involved in school projects
a Spitzbergen School Sustainability contest (see below, deadline 20 May 2010)

With kind regards,

Philippe Saugier
CarboSchools educational coordinator

Can you transform your school into carbon neutral? Take part in EPOCA’s Spitzbergen School Sustainability Contest!

Investigate with your pupils the solutions to climate change and ocean acidification: how can we stop emitting CO2 in the atmosphere? This requires huge changes both at the global, country and individual levels! Our Contest calls for daring ideas and experiences directly reducing CO2 emissions from your school community – e.g. through a school Agenda 21 or an eco-school. Send all your project ideas & achievements (preferably in English, or in your language with at least a summary in English) to arctic.contest@gmail.com by 20 May 2010 – we will display them on the walls of the Northernmost research station in the world, and on June 5 – the World Environment Day – scientists in the Arctic will meet, discuss your projects and give feedback & symbolic awards: special gifts & unique scientific souvenirs from Ny Alesund!

NB!- as we launch this contest, we have no idea of the number of entries we will receive. We can’t promise to react to all of them – but will make our best!

Find more about Ocean Acidification and Arctic research at www.epoca-project.eu/index.php/education.html and about Climate Change science education at www.carboschools.org

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