Fishermen, kayakers issue SOS on ocean acidification

Commercial fishermen, recreational boaters and kayakers took to the waters of Kachemak Bay in Homer during the Labor Day weekend to spell out an SOS on ocean acidification and to ask the world’s help in saving ocean ecosystems.

Under warm and sunny skies, interspersed at times by fog, more than 100 fishing boats, sail boats, skiffs and kayaks positioned themselves on the bay to spell out “Ocean Acid SOS.”

“Fishermen and others who depend on Alaska’s rich marine resources are coming together as one voice in support of reducing fossil fuel consumption and moving to a renewable energy future,” said Alan Parks, a commercial fisherman from Homer and the Homer outreach coordinator for the Alaska Marine Conservation Council. “Alaska’s senators know that ocean acidification is a looming danger to our fisheries. This message from fishermen is to support our leaders in taking the necessary action now to reduce carbon emissions.”

Margaret Bauman, Alaska Journal of Commerce, 11 September 2009. Full article.

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