Ocean voices puts on first in Alaska

Demonstration sends a message to leaders that global warming puts us all in hot water

As more than 100 boats gathered in Kachemak Bay on Sunday to send out an S.O.S about ocean acidification via aerial art, many began to get a little antsy as a heavy fog continued to roll in and blanket the water.

“It was kinda weird,” said Media Coordinator Celia Alario. “Our video guys overhead said the sky looked like one great big powdered doughnut.”

Then, at apparently just the right time, a hole opened, and photographers snapped away.

“When you look at the video, there was almost this parting of the clouds where the sky just opened up right over the boats,” Alario said. “It was pretty incredible.”

Images of the event – the first of its kind in Alaska – have already traveled around the world, something organizers said they were counting on to raise awareness and bring attention to the issue.

Larger boats were strung together with ropes and buoys to spell out the large “S.O.S” on the water, while kayakers assembled to form the words “Acid Ocean” in the middle.

Sean Pearson, Homer Tribune, 9 September 2009. Full article.

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