SOLAS-IMBER Ocean Acidification working group just launched

SOLAS and IMBER have launched, in September 2009, a working group on Ocean Acidification. It is sub-group 3 of the IMBER/SOLAS Carbon Research Working Group (SIC!).

The tasks of this group are:

  1. Coordinate international research efforts in ocean acidification
  2. Undertake synthesis activities in ocean acidification at the international level

During its first meeting, the sub-group will identify and prioritize topics for immediate attention, with an indication of proposed deliverables and a plan to achieve them. Any comment and suggestion from the community is welcome. Please send correspondence to The group’s web page will be updated with information and products as they will become available.

The membership is:
– Jim Barry (USA)
– Jelle Bijma (Germany)
– Minhan Dai (China)
– Dick Feely (USA)
– Jean-Pierre Gattuso, Chair (France)
– James Orr (France)
– Ulf Riebesell (Germany)
– Lisa Robbins (USA)
– Carol Turley (UK)

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