ACID TEST: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification

A new, groundbreaking documentary from NRDC featuring Sigourney Weaver – ACID TEST: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification – will premiere on Discovery Planet Green Aug. 12, and re-air throughout the month.

ACID TEST explores “the other carbon problem” – the startling phenomenon of ocean acidification, which could challenge the health of the ocean ecosystem on a scale that has not occurred for tens of millions of years.

As you know, burning fossil fuels creates carbon dioxide pollution – which is not only the primary cause of global warming – but also profoundly alters ocean chemistry, rapidly making the water more acidic. The rising acidity may soon kill off critical species to the ocean food chain.

ACID TEST explores this issue through a range of expert voices, animations and stunning ocean visuals. You can  watch the trailer here, and below are a few out-takes from the documentary to give you a sense of what it covers.

From Kate Slusark, Media Relations Associate, Natural Resources Defense Council.

ACID TEST out-takes: coral reefs

ACID TEST out-takes: food web

ACID TEST out-takes: chemistry

ACID TEST out-takes: policy

ACID TEST out-takes: making the choice

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