New videoconferences from marine center

Canada’s premier coastal and marine facility for teaching and research, Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, recently listed three videoconferences on, including one on pH chemistry and biology behind our world’s changing oceans. The programs are all available by request, and open for grade(s): 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Videoconference Back to Base-ics: Learn about the pH chemistry and biology behind our world’s changing oceans. Program Format: Introduce students to BMSC and Barkley Sound using a variety of media. Students will brainstorm with BMSC instructors what they know about climate change and ocean acidification. Then there will be a discussion on the chemistry of the oceans and how it is changing. The presenter will link the chemistry and the biology by examining the impacts of ocean acidification on marine organisms. The videoconference closes with a quick recap of the main points and discuss what we can all do to help decrease our carbon footprint.

More information and the conference.

Rebecca Morrison, The Wired Classroom, 8 July 2009. Blog.

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