The MATLAB-version of the original Program Developed for CO2 System Calculations (CO2SYS for DOS)

The program is now available from CDIAC:

This is a MATLAB-version of the original CO2SYS for DOS. CO2SYS calculates and returns a detailed state of the carbonate system of oceanographic water samples, if supplied with enough input. It is also used to convert between different pH scales. Use this function as you would use any other Matlab inline function: a=func(b,c). For extended details on using the function, please refer to the enclosed help by typing “help CO2SYS” in Matlab.

For details on the internal workings of the function, please refer to the original publication of Lewis and Wallace at:

Note that this function allows for the input of vectors. This means that you can calculate many samples (or conditions) at once. Each of these samples can be processed with individual salinities, temperatures, pH scales, dissociation constants, etc.

The original version for DOS was written by Lewis and Wallace (CDIAC-105). This was converted to MATLAB by Denis Pierrot at CIMAS, University of Miami, Miami, Florida. Vectorization, internal refinements and speed improvements were added by Steven van Heuven, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

Although functionality has been added, the output of the function has not changed. All versions of co2sys available at CDIAC (DOS, ExcelWIN, ExcelMAC, MATLAB) should yield (near-) identical results when supplied with identical input.

Alex Kozyr, Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, CO2SYS web site.

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