IAEA marine scientists warn of dangers of ocean acidification

Scientists at the International Atomic Energy Agency, the IAEA, have joined forces with experts around the world to call for urgent action to control what they refer to as the “other C02 problem”.—ocean acidification

As carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere increase, acidity levels in the oceans are also increasing.

The oceans, which absorb large amounts of this greenhouse gas, are also increasing. Scientist James Orr says studies show that at the level of CO2 by the end of the century, mussels and oysters wont be able to build their shells properly:

“It’s estimated that in some waters, the ocean acidity level will get to the point where the shells will actually start dissolving. Not only will they not be able to form as well as in the past with higher acidity levels, but the chemical conditions of the water actually become corrosive to the shell itself so they could actually dissolve.”

Scores of marine scientists from 26 countries have joined forces to issue the Monaco Declaration, a plea to policy makers to become aware of ocean acidification.

Donn Bobb. United Nations Radio. 25 May 2009. Article.

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