Monaco Declaration on Ocean Acidification

One of the key issues which will face us in the future, in our efforts to better protect and manage marine ecosystems, is ocean acidification. The seas and oceans absorb one fourth of the carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere from human activities, which in turn is driving their acidification at a rate that is unprecedented. This chemical modification will alter marine ecosystems, upon which over half of the world’s population depends for its primary source of food.

Marine conservation and MPA experts and practitioners should be fully aware of the scale of the changes and issues we now face alongside the ongoing concerns about the impacts of climate change on our marine ecosystems.

This declaration released today, based on irrefutable scientific findings and signed by 155 scientists from 26 nations, sets forth recommendations, calling for policymakers to address this immense problem.

The Offical MPA Blog, 30 January 2009. Article.

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