The “Ocean Carbon Biogeochemistry” program has established an “Ocean Acidification Subcommittee”

“Ocean acidification is a high priority research topic identified by OCB. The far-reaching effects of ocean acidification on marine biogeochemical cycles and biology, combined with the increasing interest in the topic both nationally and internationally, prompted the OCB-SSC to recommend the formation of an Ocean Acidification Subcommittee. With approval from the OCB-SSC, the Ocean Acidification subcommittee members were invited from the U.S. community of researchers to cover the spectrum of topics relevant to ocean acidification.

The ocean acidification subcommittee is responsible for collecting and disseminating information relevant to ocean acidification research, meetings, funding opportunities, congressional updates (e.g., Federal Ocean Acidification Research and Monitoring Act), international activities, etc. The Subcommittee tracks current research and makes recommendations regarding future research needs. The Subcommittee will also be working closely with the OCB Project Office in the coming months to develop an OCB ocean acidification website.”

September 2008, OCB web page.

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