Global Carbon Project (2008) Carbon budget and trends 2007

The new Global Carbon Budget will be launched on the 26th September 2008, simultaneously at the Paris Observatory, France, by GCP co-chair Michael Raupach and at Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., USA, by GCP Executive Director Pep Canadell.

Highlight on “Natural ocean CO2 sinks”:

The global oceanic CO2 sink removed 25% of all CO2 emissions for the period 2000-2007, equivalent to an average of 2.3 PgC per year. The size of the CO2 sink in 2007 was similar to that in the previous year but lower by 0.1 PgC compared to its expected increase from atmospheric CO2 growth. This was due to the presence of a La Nina event in the equatorial Pacific. The Southern Ocean CO2 sink was higher in 2007 compared to 2006, consistent with the relatively weak winds and the low Southern Annular Mode (a circumpolar pressure oscillation between Antarctica and southern mid-latitudes). An analysis of the long term trend of the ocean sink shows a slower growth than expected of the CO2 sink over the last 20 years.

Global Carbon Project (2008) Carbon budget and trends 2007, 26 September 2008, Web site

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