Job Vacancy at Plymouth Marine Laboratory: Marine System Modeller

Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK, has a vacancy for a Marine System
Modeller (Responses to climate change and related processes). This is
a permanent appointment.

The primary aim is to develop existing marine ecosystem models,
furthering research into response to climate change, ocean acidification
and modification of direct anthropogenic pressures such as nutrient
modification and fishing. Research will involve creating multi-decadal
hind-cast simulations of regional ecosystems, forming the basis for
multi-decadal forecasts with which a number of scenarios can be assessed.

PML has a well developed system of coupled hydrodynamic marine ecosystem
models based on ERSEM, POLCOMS and NEMO. The research focus is the NW
European Continental Shelf, but we will be incorporating both Atlantic
basin scale and possibly global capabilities over the next few years.

The preferred level of appointment for this post is at Scientist grade
(starting on £26319 pa) requiring a PhD or equivalent experience. We are
however open to appointing at Junior Scientist grade (starting on £19737
pa) for which we would require a good relevant MSc degree or equivalent

For an application form and additional information about the position,
email Miss J Weeks, at:
quoting: PML41.2/08, Closing date 15 August 2008. For informal
information please email Jerry Blackford

Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Prospect Place


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