Ocean acidity on the rise

Leading experts in sea ecosystems are in Hobart to discuss how to deal with the increasing acidification of the ocean.
There is a growing body of research showing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are turning the ocean into a very weak acid.

The changes in the water’s chemistry is starting to effect marine life.

Ocean experts from a range of disciplines are presenting their latest research findings on the changes at a three day conference.

Dr Will Howard from the Australian Antarctic Co-operative Research Centre is hoping the meeting of minds will help scientists advise governments on how to prepare for the impact.

“We’re just at the point where we might be seeing biological responses,” Dr Howard said.

“But it is early days so the most important question is which parts of the system do we look at, how do we look at them, how do we observe them and how can we model them to try to anticipate what might happen in the future,” he said.

ABC News (Australia), 2 June 2008. Article.

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