Ocean time bomb

Acid caused by greenhouse gases is ravaging marine life. Graham Phillips examines this devastating threat to our seas.

Much of the carbon dioxide that is belched into the skies by cars and industry ultimately ends up in our oceans. There it dissolves in a process called ocean acidification.

Science has become aware of it only over the past few years, but the consequences of this hidden side effect of our greenhouse gas emissions could be devastating. Perhaps even bigger than climate change.

The acidification of our seas threatens to ravage marine life around the globe and ultimately even damage land dwellers, including us.

A disturbing aspect of this phenomenon is that it has been going on under our noses for decades and we haven’t been aware of it. And even worse, much of the carbon we’ve put into the atmosphere during those years of ignorance is poised to further acidify our oceans over coming decades. And, unfortunately, there is little we can do about it.

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Graham Phillips, The Sydney Morning Herald, 12 September 2007. Article.

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