Detecting perturbations in seawater carbonate chemistry with the δ44/40Ca-δ88/86Sr multi-proxy

Date: 8 Nobember 2021

Time: 3:45 pm – 5:00 pm



Sustainability Seminar:

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Jiuyuan Wang, Yale University, presents this week’s seminar.

About Dr. Wang

Jiuyuan is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University working with Profs. Lidya Tarhan and Noah Planavsky. He earned his Ph.D. degree at Northwestern University in 2020. He studies the co-evolution of life and environment across the Earth history with a particular focus on the seawater carbonate chemistry and silica cycle.

About the Seminar

Ocean acidification is one predictable consequence of rising atmospheric CO2. Understanding how the seawater carbonate chemistry changed during historical climate changes will help us better predict the ocean’s response to the present one. In this talk, I will introduce a novel means for tracking changes of seawater carbonate chemistry: the δ44/40Ca-δ88/86Sr multi-proxy. I will exploit emergent properties of δ44/40Ca and δ88/86Sr systems from two extreme climatic events: the Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a (OAE1a, ~120 Ma) and the Neoproterozoic Marinoan deglaciation (~635Ma). 

Montclair State University, 5 November 2021. More information.

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