The Ocean Acidification Day of Action 2021

The 8th of January (08.01) was chosen to be the Ocean Acidification Day of Action because 8.1 is the current pH of the ocean.

Global ocean acidification is a clear illustration of one of the profound effects of sustained climate change. This phenomenon is changing the chemistry of our oceans and affecting the health of many marine animals, some of which people rely on for their livelihood and for food. The International Atomic Energy Agency’s Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre (OA-ICC) is using nuclear and nuclear-derived technologies to better understand and address this important issue.

According to Peter Swarzenski from the IAEA in Monaco: “With our international partners, this project plays a key role bringing together global leaders in ocean acidification science and policy. Together, we enable Member States to positively engage in ocean change issues as part of the UN Ocean Decade and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

IAEA, YouTube, 8 January 2021. Resource.

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