Ocean acidification session at OceanVisions2019, 1-4 April 2019

Registration for OceanVision2019 closes on 15 November 2018.

Location: Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA

Session name: Protecting Ocean Health: Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia

Session description: This session will highlight advances in science and engineering that enable innovative strategies for understanding, managing, and predicting the rising threats associated with ocean acidification and deoxygenation. These include expanding and improving observation systems and research, exploring submerged aquatic vegetation as a management tool, advancing modeling to identify drivers of acidification and deoxygenation (and potential hotspots), and exploring impacts to water quality. The goal of this session is to identify case studies that inform near-term and long-term strategies for dealing with the challenges associated with ocean acidification and deoxygenation now and in the future.

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