Abstract submission open: ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting 2019 acidification session

The ASLO 2019 Aquatic Sciences Meeting will include a session on Acidification (session #CS05).

Deadline for Abstract Submissions: 22 October 2018

Meeting information: ASLO 2019 Aquatic Sciences Meeting: Planet Water Challenges and Successes, 23 February – 2 March 2019, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Meeting description: A wealth of topics will be discussed at the meeting, many stemming from key areas of importance to the area itself at this crucial time – the role of science at the center of all economic, societal and environmental recovery and development efforts, studies on renewable energy, environmental sustainability, clean water, and rebuilding and maintaining terrestrial ecosystems. 

Science and innovative problem-solving are keys to creating a better and more resilient world, and this speaks truth to the residents of Puerto Rico. While ASLO’s meeting in San Juan will benefit Puerto Rico for the short-term, the outcomes of the ASLO 2019 Aquatic Sciences Meeting can impact the island for the long-term.  This presents an excellent opportunity for ASLO to showcase how they are doing their part to train scientists in communication to the public and to teach effective research skills to future generations. As with all ASLO meetings, organized activities will be available that will allow participants to use culturally-relevant projects and strategies to make science more engaging. 

The scientific program will take place Sunday, 24 February, through Friday, 1 March.  The full meeting dates are set Saturday, 23 February, to Saturday, 2 March, to allow meeting participants to take part in educational activities, volunteer opportunities, and culturally relevant events that will focus on environmental and ecosystem restoration as well as the resilience of the land.

Submitting abstracts: Please send your submissions to session co-chairs Chris Langdon (clangdon@rsmas.miami.edu) and George Waldbusser (waldbuss@coas.oregonstate.edu) in addition to submitting them at the meeting website.

More information.

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