Ocean acidification and deoxygenation session at PICES 2018 meeting

‘Ocean acidification and deoxygenation and their impact on ocean ecosystems: Synthesis and next steps’ – session at the PICES (The North Pacific Marine Science Organization) Annual Meeting, Yokohama, Japan, 25 Oct – 4 Nov 2018.

Co-sponsor: ICES


Jim Christian (Canada)
Tsuneo Ono (Japan), corresponding
Silvana Birchenough (ICES)

Invited Speaker:
Shoshiro Minobe (Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University, Japan)

Description of the session:

Studies of ocean acidification (OA) are showing progress, in particular, monitoring of oceanic acidification status (ca. pH, pCO2 and aragonite, calcite) in the various PICES countries has significantly progressed in recent years. Progress has also been achieved in the field of biological OA impact. The importance of interactions with other stressors (temperature, deoxygenation, etc.), interspecific interaction (e.g., OA effects on prey species), and biological ability to adapt to OA stress, are increasingly recognized. We welcome presentations from the fields of OA monitoring and impact experiments, to construct new perspective on present OA status in the North Pacific. Presentations on future projections are also welcome. We also welcome presentations about plans for further progress in our understanding, such as continuous carbon system monitoring by new technologies, new experimental studies for OA adaptation, and field observation of biological responses to existing OA and deoxygenation events.

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