New HeroX Big Ocean Button Challenge seeks data apps to turn vast amounts of ocean data into useful products and services

Crowdsourcing Competition to Award $100,000 for Big Ocean Mobile App Innovations.

LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwired – November 10, 2016) – HeroX today launched the Big Ocean Button Challenge — a crowdsourcing competition to find breakthroughs that transform big ocean data into useful mobile applications. Sponsored by XPRIZE and a follow-on to the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE, the Big Ocean Button Challenge announced at BlueTech Week in San Diego hosted by the Maritime Alliance, utilizes the HeroX Challenge Platform to seek new solutions for organizing and broadcasting ocean data with application innovations in five categories: Fishing, Shipping and Trade, Ocean Acidification, Public Safety and Exploration.

“Terabytes of data are collected everyday by the ocean community, but only a small fraction are shared with the public through useful apps and services,” said Matt Mulrennan, manager of XPRIZE’s Ocean Initiative. “With billions of people around the world relying on ocean resources from seafood to shipping to recreation, unlocking this wealth of data to catalyze a multibillion-dollar blue economy in ocean data products and services will radically transform how we connect with and protect our precious seas.” (…)

Prize Amounts and Categories

$15,000 will be awarded to winning Big Ocean Button Challenge competitors in each (…) ocean data application prize categories.

Ocean Acidification – apps related to an early warning/alert system about changing pH levels and the potential impacts to local biology and marine resources. This is a follow on to the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE.

Bonus prizes will also be awarded for:

Best conservation app — $5,000
Best education app — $5,000
Best app integrating multiple data sets — $5,000
Judge’s Pick — $10,000 (…)

The Big Ocean Button Challenge is open to competitors worldwide beginning today through March 31, 2017. Winners will be announced by early 2018. For more information about the Big Ocean Button Challenge, please visit To learn more about XPRIZE’s Ocean Initiative, please visit:

Media contacts

For HeroX: Lynda Kaye, Kaye Public Relations, 250-266-5293, lynda(at)

For XPRIZE: Eric Desatnik / Jackie Wei, 310.741.4892 / 310.741.4918, eric(at) / Jackie.wei(at)

XPRIZE, via Market Wired, 10 November 2016. Press release.


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