Sessions on ocean acidification at the 10th International Carbon Dioxide Conference, 21-25 August 2017, Interlaken, Switzerland

The conference will be organized around themes and “Grand Challenges” that integrate across different reservoirs, ecosystems and disciplines. The overarching goal is to elucidate how human activities, including fossil fuel emissions and land use, influence the coupled carbon-climate system. Dedicated sessions will be held in memory of Ernst Maier-Reimer and Michael Raupach. Contributions that provide insight into topics related to the relevant themes, questions and key words are very welcome.

Theme 3: Biogeochemical Processes

Theme 3.1: Processes Understanding and Human Impacts

What do we know about the processes governing biogeochemical cycles, ecosystems and the impacts of anthropogenic emissions and management? What do we know about direct and indirect effects of high CO2, including ocean acidification?

Theme 4: Scenarios of the Future Earth and Steps toward Long-term Earth System Stability

How will the anthropogenic perturbation of the carbon-climate system evolve? What is the relationship between carbon emissions and their impacts on physical, ecological and socio-economic systems and between emissions and multiple climate targets? What are the options for limiting and reducing human perturbations?

Abstract submission and registration will open in September 2016.

More information on the scientific program can be found here.

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