Forum: “What’s new on ocean acidification in Maine and beyond?”, 5 March 2016, 41st Annual Maine Fishermen’s Forum

Date & time: Saturday, 5 March 2016, 1 pm

Location: Rockport Room, Samoset Resort, Maine

The concern about the current and future effect of ocean acidification on Maine’s marine resources continues to outpace the science. Providing access to information about the issue is a critical need for those whose livelihoods depend on healthy coastal waters. The Northeast Coastal Acidification Network (NECAN) provides a regional forum for the state of the science and stakeholder engagement, while working to address the issue in partnership with fishermen, aquaculturists and others.

  • Daniel Small, St. Francis Xavier University, presents results of new research on the effects of acidifying waters on lobster and other species.
  • Bill Mook, Mook Sea Farm, discusses how the aquaculture industry is addressing the threat.
  • Joseph Salisbury, University of New Hampshire, and Cassie Stymiest, NERACOOS, provide updates on policy efforts in the Northeast region and State of Maine.
  • O’Chang Studios premiers Part II of A Climate Calamity in the Gulf of Maine.

Moderated by Paul Anderson

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