Plymouth Marine Laboratory side event at the UNFCCC COP21: “The changing ocean & its impact on society”, 3 December 2015

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Date & time: 3 December 2015, 14:30-16:00

Location: EU Pavilion, Room “Luxembourg”


Providing an integrated and updated perspective by ocean experts on the climate related changes, risks and projections for both natural and human ocean systems including a review of key reports and sources of information on science and policy related to ocean acidification, warming, deoxygenation and sea-level rise, including the major global synthesis of knowledge by IPCC AR5, and ocean research since 2014 including the synthesis by the Oceans Initiative 2015.

Chair: Ulrich Wolf, JPI-Oceans


  • Carol Turley, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK Ocean Acidification research programme
  • Paul Pearson, Cardiff University and UK Ocean Acidification research programme
  • Hans Pörtner, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research; German BIOACID research programme, IPCC
  • Jean-Pierre Gattuso, CNRS-UPMC, Oceans 2015 Initiative
  • Vladimir Ryabinin, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO
  • Phillip Williamson, UK Ocean Acidification Research Programme and Natural Environment Research Council
  • Alex Magnan, IDDRI


Carol Turley, Plymouth Marine Laboratory (ct(at)


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