“Towards a better understanding of the impact of ocean acidification and ocean anoxia on carbonate systems and shallow intra-basinal settings”, 2015 FALL AGU MEETING, 14-18 December 2015, San Francisco

Abstract submission deadline: 5 August 2015, 11:59 pm EDT!


The geological record is marked by global carbon cycle perturbations commonly associated with ocean anoxic events (OAEs) and (mass) extinctions, many of which are also potential oceanic acidification events. While we continue to generate carbon isotope records of these events and make interpretations about global ocean redox change and bio-calcification crises, our understanding of biogeochemical processes occurring above the lysocline (e.g. carbonate ramps and platforms) is still limited. In this session we invite contributions examining the ancient record of OAEs, ocean acidification and redox change, including organic and inorganic geochemistry, paleontological records, novel proxies and modeling to understand the response of carbonate systems and shallow, intra-platform basins in the geological past. We also invite contributions that compare geochemical and biotic responses in shallow marine carbonate systems and intra-platform settings to deeper marine settings during potential ocean acidification and OAEs.


Aisha H Al-Suwaidi (Petroleum Institute, Petroleum Geoscience Dept., Abu Dhabi), Micha Ruhl (University of Oxford), Rowan C. Martindale (University of Texas at Austin)

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