Public meeting: “Ocean acidification: What’s it all about?”, 4-5 June 2015, Royal Society, London

Registration closes on 20 May 2015!

A two-day public meeting at the Royal Society, London on 4-5 June will discuss the latest scientific findings arising from the UK Ocean Acidification (UKOA) research programme, co-funded by NERC, Defra and DECC, and the German partnership programme, Biological Impacts of Ocean Acidification (BIOACID).

The chemistry of the global ocean is rapidly changing as a result of the unprecedented increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This process of ocean acidification threatens marine organisms, ecosystems, and the services they provide to society.

Day 1: On 4 June, the questions addressed will be:

  • What is ocean acidification?
  • Why should we care about ocean acidification?
  • What can we do about ocean acidification?

Presentations will be given by leading UKOA and BIOACID researchers, in sessions chaired by Ian Boyd (Defra chief science advisor), John Loughhead (DECC chief scientific advisor) and Louise Heaps (marine chief science advisor, WWF-UK).

Day 2: On 5 June, specific science topics will be explored in greater detail, with open discussion on what we have learned, and what are the future science challenges in this rapidly-developing and societally-important research area.

Further details are given in the provisional meeting schedule.

Early registration is recommended due to limited availability.

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