Ocean acidification addressed at the 10th International Carbon Dioxide Conference, 20–25 August 2017, Interlaken, Switzerland

The Swiss science community and the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research are proud to organize the 10th anniversary International Carbon Dioxide Conference (ICDC). The focus of ICDC10 is on changes in carbon dioxide and the carbon cycle, and their interactions and links to climate and human activities from the regional to the global scale, and from the past into the future. The purpose of this conference is to bring together scientists from different disciplines to work towards an integrated view on the global cycle of carbon in the Earth System. Periods addressed include the contemporary, industrial, and future, as well as the last millennia, glacial/interglacial, and stadial/interstadial periods.

You are invited to subscribe to the ICDC10 mailing list to receive important notifications such as the call for papers or the start of the registration period. Please check the conference website regularly for an updated schedule for abstract submission and registration.


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