UNFCCC COP20: Informal UK report with focus on ocean acidification and the involvement of the international OA research community

The 20th Conference of Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change was held in Lima, Peru from 1st to 12th December 2014. Between 15 and 20,000 governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental delegates from 195 countries attended. (…)

(…) Information on ocean acidification and other climate-related ocean stressors was made available to COP participants by a collaboration of national and international organisations through an exhibition booth, together with engagement through a wide range of meetings specific side-events, interventions and press interviews (…).

Three side events were held with focus on ocean acidification and related changes (each hosted in a different pavilion at the COP), together with a public event. At these events, experts and PhD students presented and discussed information on the causes and impacts of climate-related ocean stressors. (…)

For more detailed information, please access the full report here.

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