Call for bids to organize and host the “4th Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World” in 2016

The 4th symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World is planned to be held in 2016.  The symposium will maintain its focus on ocean acidification and associated impacts on marine organisms, ecosystems, and biogeochemical cycles. It will consider acidification in the context of other global changes such as warming and deoxygenation, particularly the combined actions of these multiple stressors. Furthermore, it will cover socioeconomic consequences of ocean acidification, including policy and management.

Deadline for bids: before 1 october 2014
Send to: James Orr (james.orr(at)

To facilitate its continued success and longevity, the organizers of the first three symposia (SCOR, IGBP, and IOC-UNESCO) prefer to move towards a new organizational model, where the local organizer not only hosts the symposium but also leads the scientific organization and the effort to find financial sponsors.

Proposals are asked from those who wish to host the next Ocean in a High-CO2 World symposium over 4 days sometime between September and December 2016. It is preferred that the 4th symposium be held outside of Europe and North America, where it was held previously. Bids should be submitted by October 1, 2014. Detailed information on what to include is available here.

Enquiries and bids should be sent to James Orr (, the SIOA Chair. Early expression of interest is desirable. Bids must be submitted before 1 October 2014 and limited to 10 pages.

Call for bids (full text).

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