Ocean acidification at the 7th International Symposium on Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces, 18-21 May 2015, Seattle, Washington, USA

The Symposium, which has occurred every 5 years since 1983, brings together the international scientific and engineering community investigating the mechanisms, parameterizations, and applications of gas transfer at water surfaces.

As in previous Symposia, topics will include field, laboratory, and modeling investigations of the physics governing air-water transfer, development and testing of parameterizations for use in global climate models, remote sensing techniques, and assessment of the global distribution of air-sea flux of CO2 and other radiatively important trace gases. In addition to these core topics, the 2015 Symposium will include the topics of ocean acidification due to increased CO2 uptake, air-sea exchange processes related to the formation of secondary-organic aerosols in the remote marine environment, and the impact of reducing sea-ice extent on gas transfer in polar regions.

The topic of ocean acidification will have Richard Feely from the NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory as keynote speaker.

A web site with information on registration, accommodations, and abstract submission will be on line in the near future.


Andrew Jessup, Chair
Phone: +1-206-685-2609; Email: jessup@uw.edu

William Asher, Co-chair
Phone: +1-206-543-5942; Email: asherwe@uw.edu

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