The Challenger Society for Marine Science Conference 2014, Plymouth University, UK, 8-11 september 2014

The Challenger Society for Marine Science’s Conference 2014 will be held at Plymouth University located in the centre of Plymouth. This biennial conference attracts over 300 leading UK marine scientists and science managers, as well as showcasing cutting edge marine science and technology. The conference is noted for its training of young scientists and networks. Abstract submission is open until Monday 30th June!

Keynote speakers include:

Prof Jason Hall-Spencer—Ecosystem effects of ocean acidification
Prof Icarus Allen— Towards next generation of marine ecosystem models
Dr Isabelle Rombouts–Pelagic biodiversity: from patterns to emerging processes
Dr Emily Shuckburgh—The polar oceans in a changing climate
Dr Adrian Glover—Environmental futures in the deep-sea mining frontier

Quality campus accommodation is available as part of the booking process. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

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