Ocean acidification: connecting science with those who need it

3rd Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) Applications Policy Speaker Series talk

Speaker: Jeff Watters, Ocean Conservancy

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 12-1 PM EDT
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Building 33, Room H114

In a world where the chasm between scientists and advocates, citizens, and decision-makers can often seem wide, we are in dire need of solutions and products that bridge that gap. For those who deal with the issues of ocean acidification, this need is especially pressing. This talk will examine how the NASA Carbon Monitoring System can develop products that will engage citizens, be valuable for stakeholder groups, and useful for decision-makers. By examining the social and
political landscape of ocean acidification, we will examine how the Carbon Monitoring System’s products can connect its science with those who need it. (…)

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