Discussion session for the forthcoming SOLAS open science conference in May 2012

Solas Open Science Conference
Washington State, USA
7th-10th May 2012

The discussion session title is: “How to detect and monitor potential ocean acidification large-scale impacts – what is needed today?

Though we know much more details about potential consequences of ocean acidification for the marine environment today than 5 years ago, it is still difficult to identify related impacts on the large scale. Present international biogeochemical sampling programmes may not be ideally designed to provide the appropriate information for such an impact assessment. What may these large scale impacts be, at which time frame would they emerge, and which variables would we need to measure and simulate in order to confirm/reject postulated consequences of ocean acidification? Which variables have to be measured now systematically and through which kind of spatio-temporal data coverage in order to determine ocean acidification impacts by re-occupations of sampling locations in one, two, or three decades from now (legacy data sets)? What are the best early warning indicators for dangerous ocean acidification impacts (sustainability link)?

Solas Open Science Conference web site.

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