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The Ocean Acidification Reference User Group (RUG) was launched in 2008 by the European Project on Ocean Acidification (EPOCA). Since then, it developed to support other major projects on ocean acidification, such as BIOACID, UKOA and MedSeA, to become the International Ocean Acidification Reference User Group (iOA-RUG). The iOA-RUG has prepared a brief survey to help review the activities that it carried out during the past four years. Please see the letter from Dan Laffoley (iOA-RUG Chair) and John Baxter (Deputy iOA-RUG Chair) below.

Dear colleagues
The final meeting for the EPOCA project is fast approaching and we feel it is an ideal time to take stock of not only what has been achieved on the science side but also what the iOA-RUG has contributed.
To this end we have devised a short and simple survey to gain your feedback which will be collated and used in discussions at the EPOCA meeting. The survey on the iOA-RUG is very important as it will help us see what worked, what worked less well and what more is needed in the future.
It is very quick to complete!
We would be very grateful if any of your who have interacted with the iOA-RUG could take the time to complete this brief questionnaire. We would also be grateful if you could pass to colleagues who have been involved in some way with iOA-RUG activities (perhaps they use the guides we produce for example) so we can get a good general picture of performance.
We wish to use the results at the EPOCA meeting so the survey will close on Friday 30th March. We look forward to hearing your thoughts
With kind regards and thanks
Dan & John
Dan Laffoley (iOA-RUG Chair) and John Baxter (Deputy iOA-RUG Chair)

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