Planet Under Pressure 2012: Session on ocean acidification: ecological impacts and societal implications

Monday 26 March 2012 – State of the Planet, 14:00

Room 10

Ocean Acidification: ecological impacts and societal implications. Session 1 – the science

Chaired by Wendy Watson-Wright

Convenors: Phil Williamson, NERC/University of East Anglia; Carol Turley, Plymouth Marine Laboratory; Sarah Cooley, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Richard Feely, NOAA; Nafees Meah, UK Department of Energy & Climate Change

Ocean acidification is a direct, unavoidable and far-reaching consequence of increased carbon dioxide emissions. This session will focus on the impacts and implications of CO2-driven changes in ocean chemistry for organisms, ecosystems, human society and policy. In addition to four expert overview presentations on those topics, the session includes a short film and a panel discussion.

Ocean acidification: connecting science, policy, industry and public

Dr. C. Turley1; 1Plymouth Marine Laboratory, n/a, UK

Will souring oceans sweeten future sustainable development policy?

Dr. C. Turley1; Prof. W. Watson-Wright2; 1Plymouth Marine Laboratory, n/a, UK 2Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, n/a, France

Assessing physiological tipping points in response to ocean acidification

Dr. S.T. Dupont1; Ms. N. Dorey1; Ms. P. Lançon1; Prof. M.S. Thorndyke1; 1University of Gothenburg, n/a, Sweden

Ocean acidification’s implications for human communities

Dr. S.R. Cooley1; 1Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, n/a, USA

Is a New Multilateral Environmental Agreement on Ocean Acidification Necessary?

Mr. R. Kim1; 1Australian National University, n/a, Australia



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