Ocean acidification session at the XXXII SCAR Open Science Conference, July 16-19 2012, Portland, Oregon

Session Theme 9: Ocean acidification

Convenors: Richard Bellerby, Norway; Coleen Suckling, UK; and James Orr, France

In response to perturbations of the global carbon cycle, driven mainly by fossil fuel emissions, the Southern Ocean is exhibiting rapid, yet regionally distinct, ocean acidification. In the coming decades, modifications to carbonate speciation and reductions in seawater pH and saturation state will influence Southern Ocean functioning from the physiological to the climate scale. The Southern Ocean is a dominant climate regulator and a potentially enormous marine resource and so improved knowledge is required on the resilience of the system to ocean acidification. Presentations are invited on new Southern Ocean understanding (from observational, experimental and modeling approaches) on the scale of past, present and future ocean acidification; responses of marine organisms and ecosystem structure, functioning and biodiversity; perturbations to biogeochemical cycling and feedbacks to the climate system; and the societal and policy challenges of ocean acidification.

Conference information and details for abstract submission can be found at http://scar2012.geol.pdx.edu/themes.php

It is important to note that abstract submission closes in February, and that the first 200 student participants to have abstracts accepted will have the registration fee waived.

For more information please contact Richard Bellerby (Richard.bellerby@uni.no) 

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