24 students awarded to participate at the Acidification Workshop in Tromsø on 27 and 29 September 2011

In the frame of the Acidification Workshop in Tromsø on 27 and 29 September 2011, 24 PhD students have been awarded to meet and discuss on their ocean acidification project with the lecturers and other workshop participants. The PhD students present a huge international background since they will come from different part of the world (China, India, Brazil, Europe, USA, Canada….). Within the workshop they will get chance to participate at several round tables focused on the ocean acidification methodological weaknesses and knowledge gaps. The 24 students will take part at the “Idea fertilization student poster session” focus on what they are planning to do in the future (developing their research plan) rather than on what they have already done. The poster themes will be related to the main workshop themes (encompassing biogeochemistry, biology and socioeconomics aspects). Because of the significance of economic assessment in motivating policy change with regard to climate change issues, there is an increasing necessity to improve the dialogue between science and economics. In this frame during the last day of the workshop, the PhD students will be involved in the “Student panel session: The socioeconomic costs of ocean acidification”. Here, summing up the information gained during the workshop, they will try to formulate suggestions to improve the evaluation of economic costs resulting from ocean acidification. Dialogue and discussion during the panel session will be stimulated by the presence of experts from both economics and marine science.

Clara Manno and Howard Browman

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