Goldschmidt Conference. Session 07a: Ocean Acidification: Past, Present and Future

14-19 August 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic

Convenors: Daniela Schmidt, Appy Sluijs

Keynote: Björn Rost (Alfred Wegener Institute)

Current and projected ocean acidification will likely have effects on marine species, ecosystems and biogeochemical cycling. Key uncertainties include those related to future anthropogenic carbon injection and ocean uptake rates, the qualitative and quantitative response of biota to rising pCO2, as well as resulting changes in the dynamic interaction between species on the ecosystem level. The associated chemical changes are not solely an alteration of the ocean carbon system, but also affect other chemical aspects of the ocean, such as redox state. We aim to bring together a wide, multidisciplinary range of research on ocean acidification in the past, present and future. We invite contributions quantifying changes in the chemistry of the ocean and biological response associated with ocean acidification from a wide range of cross-disciplinary work, ranging from chemistry, paleoceanography and current observations of the biology and chemistry, to the modelling of past events and future projections.

Deadline for submissions is the 15th of April.

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