MEECE Summer School 2011: Marine ecosystem evolution in a changing environment

Marine ecosystems are changing in response to both climate drivers (acidification, light, circulation and temperature) and anthropogenic drivers (fishing, pollution, invasive species and eutrophication). It is essential that we develop the knowledge necessary to learn how to live with, and adapt to these changes. Predictive modelling provides a tool to allow us to explore the possible consequences of such changes.

The aim of this course is to expose graduate students and young scientists to recent developments and methodologies in the simulation of marine ecosystems and their response to a changing environment.

More specifically, the objectives of the summer school are to help the students to:

  • Understand the mechanisms, functioning and evolution of marine ecosystems.
  • Assess the state of these ecosystems by taking into account multiple environmental drivers and pressures from natural and anthropogenic sources.
  • Learn how to devise and apply new model parameterisations.
  • Learn innovative ways to couple models of different trophic levels.
  • Provide students with a tool box for model skill assessment.
  • Address non linear combinations of driver impacts in a dynamic environment by using numerical simulation models which include dynamic feedbacks.
  • Understand the ecosystem-based approach to management and the application of management strategy evaluation tools.

Application deadline: 6 May 2011

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